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... a city on the southern coast of Turkey - The Turkish Riviera - offering whatever your heart desires: miles of sandy beaches, ancient sites of many world cultures, pristine Mediterranean landscapes, clean water and coves...   


Alanya is a city district of Antalya and is located 135 km east of Antalya. In the east lies the district Gazipasa and in the West Manavgat / Side. Alanya is known as "Pearl of The Turkish Riviera" and became world famous through the miles of sandy and clean beaches, crystal clear sea and the mild Mediterranean climate. The historical past, many natural attractions and the multi-cultural lifestyle makes Alanya to a very special experience. Thanks to the land and water sports, the colorful bazaars and the cheerful bustle nightlife Alanya has become one of the most popular seaside resorts both for domestic and European tourists on The Turkish Riviera. One of the most famous symbols of the city is the powerful rock going far into the sea with its Castle from year 1225.  


In the Alanya region, there are about 230.000 inhabitants. The city and region offers a very good and inexpensive bus connection. A new marina is located just outside the city center, and the old port has been completely renewed! In the old town, there are hundreds of restaurants, bars, cafes and restaurants. And also 5 large nightclubs. Of course you find many traditional Turkish restaurants, and in recent years also added Italian, Mexican and Chinese cuisine.  


Alanya shopping offers many small grocery stores, big supermarkets (Migros, Metro, Alanyum, Kipa) as well as jewelers, leather shops, modern furniture stores, farmer's market (bazaar) with the freshest vegetables and fruits from the area, and a wholesale market with an Oriental flair. Enjoy to walk around in these areas! Alanya also offer cultural inspiration with its museums, libraries and Internet cafes. The Antalya International Airport is easy to reach from all cities in Europe. The driving time from Antalya Airport to Alanya (per route 125 km) is only 80 minutes on the newly built highway and from the newly opened airport Gazipasa to Alanya is only 40 km (30 minutes by car).  


The first settlements in the Alanya region goes back to pre-Christian times. Before the discovery of tourism to the locals lived from agriculture, fishery and animal household. These nomade tribes spent the mild winter in Alanya and in the summer time they moved with their herds to the pastures of the Taurus Mountains. With the development of tourism, many of these people have become sedentary and takes part of the business life in many of the hotels, shops and restaurants. The present population structure has within the last 20 years made Alanya into a multicultural city. When tourism started to develop, the first businessmen came from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and other cities and established the first hotels and shops. Then came the Turks living abroad to invest their savings into tourism. They also contributed to make Alanya known in Europe.  


With the development of infrastructure, healthcare, modern hotels, villas, apartments and shops began the first purchase of apartments by the Europeans. To date, on The Turkish Riviera, more than 35,000 Europeans purchased property here (mostly Germans - about 15,500). For the most part they live here permanently as our new local friends.   The popularity of Alanya, both by locals and Europeans, is based on the high quality of the tourist facilities, hotels and beaches. The miles of beaches are open for free to everyone. Even the hotels are not like in other resorts, but with a capacity of 50-100 rooms, comfortable and very nice. They are located along the beaches or lying in the center and managed in a family and professional atmosphere. Discover the history, nature and culture of Alanya. Experience the Turkish hospitality in a family atmosphere.  

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